Yellow Corn Needs Some Heat

ifr170512–122 Yellow Corn Needs Some Heat
Emerson Nafziger, Extension Agronomist - University of Illinois

Farmers are worried about their corn crop across the Midwest. Some of it most certainly will need to be replanted because of standing water, but as Todd Gleason reports some whole fields have turned yellow.

Farmer don’t worry too much about…
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Farmer don’t worry too much about a few very young yellow corn plants in their fields. They do get concerned when every plant is yellow. The problem, in this case, isn’t the wet weather says University of Illinois Agronomist Emerson Nafziger.

Nafziger :10 …more than it is of wet soils.

Quote Summary - Well, yellow corn is a direct consequence of having cool temperatures, more than it is of wet soils.

It’s the night time temps that are mostly causing the problems. When those overnight lows are in the 30’s, and 40’s, it damages the leaf.

Nafziger :32 …temperatures they way they are now.

Quote Summary - The bright sunshine we’ve had the last couple of days adds an extra ding to the low temperatures. If it is 40 degrees in the morning under bright sunshine the leaves react by yellowing. They are taking in sunlight energy, but are not in condition to do something with it. So, it will actually cause a little bit more damage. They are going to grow out of this pretty well, but it is not going to happen very fast with temperatures they way they are now.

The corn should green up once air temperatures return to normal. However, it may be only the new growth that is green says Nafziger. He’s not sure if there will be longterm consequences.

Nafziger :08 …can come back and start to grow.

Quote Summary - Our optimistic answers is we don’t think so, as long as it can come back and starts to grow.

The good news, though it is cold comfort says Nafziger, is that any replants that must be done in these yellow fields won’t be so very far behind because the standing plants haven’t really been growing much.