Grain Stocks Soybean Report should be Uneventful

Grain Stocks Soybean Report should be Uneventful
Todd Hubbs, Agricultural Economist - University of Illinois
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USDA, at the end of this month, will let us know how much of the nation’s soybean crop there is left in the bin. Todd Gleason reports it “should” be a fairly uneventful number.

Generally, Todd Hubbs says it is pretty…

Generally, Todd Hubbs says it is pretty easy to figure out how many soybeans have been consumed. There is a regular reporting system for how many bushels are exported and one for how many are crushed. That second report, the crush, calculates how many soybeans are crushed in the United States into its two components. These are soybean meal and soybean oil. Hubbs, an agricultural economist at the University of Illinois, says the reports make it easy enough to calculate disappearance, consumption, usage, whatever you want to call, and consequently come up with a number that approximates how many bushels are left to use.

Hubbs :22 ….soybeans stocks number this year.

Quote Summary - I worked through some data and I’m saying about 1.6 billion bushels for the March 1 stocks for soybeans, barring some surprise in the seed, feed, and residual number. Still, that is such a small component of soybean use that I don’t think there will be a lot of surprising information in the March 1st soybeans stocks number this year.

Again, Hubbs, March 1 grain stocks figure for soybeans is 1.68 billion bushels. Here’s the math he used to get there.

Hubbs :42 …are going to have to consume about 1.23 billion bushels.

Quote Summary - Exports for the first quarter were 932 million bushels. For the second quarter, I have them pegged at about 721 million bushels. I have the second quarter crush at 491 million bushels. This brings the total crush for the first half of the marketing year to 976 million bushels. We’ve been crushing a really good rate, but we have a lot of soybeans. So, with USDA raising ending stocks to 435 million, if that number holds and we don’t drive those numbers down, and if the March 1 stocks number is 1.68 billion, it means the last half of the marketing year we are going to have to consume about 1.23 billion bushels.

Hubbs thinks that is a reasonable number. It depends, though, he says mostly on what happens in the export market through August.