February Application of NH3 O.K.

February Application of NH3 O.K.
Emerson Nafziger, Extension Agronomist - University of Illinois

The warm weather in the Midwest has farmers itching to go to the field to get some pre-season work done. University of Illinois Extension Agronomist Emerson Nafziger says it is ok to apply anhydrous ammonia to corn acres.

Nafziger :16 …that’s the most important thing.

Quote Summary - It is o.k. to do it. I would liken it more to a fall application than a spring application. The good news is soil conditions are pretty good right now because we haven’t had much rain (across the state) in February. That’s the most important thing.

Again, Nafziger says as long as soil conditions are good, a late winter anhydrous ammonia application should work just like a fall application.