Estimated 2016 ARC-CO Payments

Estimated 2016 ARC-CO Payments
Gary Schnitkey, Agricultural Economist - University of Illinois

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA-NASS) has released the county yields for the 2016 crop year. Todd Gleason tells us these, along with some other estimates, can be used to project the ARC-County (ark) payments farmers and landowners around the nation will receive in October.

ARC-County payments are part of the federal…
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ARC-County payments are part of the federal government’s safety net program for American farmers authorized in 2014. The final calculations for the payments to be made this fall won’t be completed for another six months, but Gary Schnitkey from the University of Illinois says there is enough information available to make a good guess at the numbers.

Schnitkey :16 …there are some larger payments as well.

Quote Summary - There are some larger payments on ARC-County for corn. Those occur mainly in the eastern corn belt. Ohio gets larger payments. Along the Ohio River there are some larger payments, and down the Mississippi River there are some larger payments as well.

These are the exceptions across the nation. Schnitkey says a rough rule of thumb is that those areas with county-wide corn yields seven percent above average will not receive a payment. Most counties fall into this category. The same goes for soybeans. Wheat producers mostly east of the Mississippi River, however, may receive a substantial ARC-County payment. There are maps of the projected corn, soybean, and wheat ARC-County payments on the farmdocDaily website.