Peoria 4-H Club to Make Contact with Astronaut

Peoria 4-H Club to Make Contact with Astronaut
Judy Schmidt, 4-H Youth Development - University of Illinois Extension

A temporary 4-H Club in Peoria Illinois is just getting started on an out-of-this-world journey. Todd Gleason has more on how the club, and maybe your 11–14 year old too, will make contact with the International Space Station at the end of July.

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Tonight, through the month of July, 4-H’ers interested in radio, electronics, computers, space, and NASA will meet at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. It’s a club open to any 11–14 year olds around the state says Extension’s Judy Schmidt.

Schmidt :30 …that’s when the actual call will happen.

Quote Summary - It only meets four Tuesdays and it is in the evening from 6–7:30pm. This might make it more accessible for families that have to work. The first three sessions will be devoted to activities related to HAM radio, Morse code, and satellites. During the last session they’ll plan questions and what they’ll talk about (with the astronaut) and during the last week the actual call will happen.

A call to talk with an astronaut on the space station. The 4-H Club meets at the Peoria Riverfront Museum tonight at 6pm. All 11–14 year olds are welcome to join.