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About NCSA's Blue Waters Super Computer

About NCSA’s Blue Waters Super Computer
Scott Wilkin, NCSA Director Economic & Societal Impact - Univeristy of Illinois
Blue Waters Website
view Todd Gleason’s photosTodd Gleason tours the National Center for Supercomputing Applications Blue Waters facility on the University of Illinois campus.

The Meaning of Flowers

The Meaning of Flowers
Source ArticleUp next… have you been wondering what flowers to give to your sweetheart, and just exactly what your choice is supposed to say to them? Todd Gleason has and he found an answer online from University of Illinois Extension’s Rhonda Ferree.

Annie's Project Interview with Ruth Hambleton

Annie’s Project Interview with Ruth Hambleton
Ruth Hambleton, President Annie’s Project - Ashley, IllinoisUp next Todd Gleason from University of Illinois Extension explores Annie’s Project. It is a series of classes targeted to women wanting to learn more about record keeping and the farm.