TPP Will Create 76,000 Ag Related Jobs

TPP Will Create 76,000 Ag Related Jobs
Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

The Obama administration is working to inform the public about the benefits of the new trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. To that end the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture has been talking about job creation. In general the U.S. Trade Representative’s office reports every billion dollars of U.S. exports creates fifty-eight-hundred jobs. However, Tom Vilsack says every billion dollars worth of agricultural exports creates sixty-five-hundred jobs.

Vilsack :33 …supporting thousands of good paying jobs.

Quote - And those jobs are generally higher paying jobs. Anywhere from 13 to 18% higher in income. So, this is really about creating jobs and it is estimated, anticipated, there will be about 130 billion dollars in additional trade will take place in terms of our exports going to other countries. Nine-percent of that, on average, is usually agriculture, so you can do the math. You are talking about billions in ag exports, stabilizing farm prices, which will help to stabilize the rural economy in those towns where farmers are doing better and at the same time supporting thousands of good paying jobs.

By Secretary Vilsack’s math the agricultural exports would create about 76,000 U.S. jobs. TPP as a whole is expected to create nearly three-quarters of a million U.S. jobs.