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USDA's Crop Yield Forecasting Method

USDA’s Crop Yield Forecasting MethodUSDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will release the first survey-based yield and production forecasts for the 2015 corn and soybean crops this Wednesday (tomorrow/today). Even though a description of the NASS crop production forecast methodology is widely available, there always seems to be some misconceptions about how NASS makes corn and soybean yield forecasts. University of Illinois agricultural economists Darrel Good and Scott Irwin put together a brief overview of that methodology and posted to the FarmDocDaily website. While they say their summary does not do full justice to the very comprehensive forecasting methodology, it is useful to place the upcoming yield forecasts in the proper perspective. Todd Gleason has more on the how the report is calculated.NASS corn and soybean yield forecasts are made in August…
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5:18 radio self contained NASS corn and soybean yield forecasts are made in August, Sept…