Horse Judging & Hippology

Rebecca Curry, Hippology, & Horse Judging Coach - 4H Volunteer

Reporter Todd Gleason has been on the road a lot this winter at farmer meetings. He runs into some interesting things from time to time. That was case when he found 4H’ers in Knox County, Illinois studying something called hippology (hip-ah-low-gee).

It takes more than a little courage, and lot of dedication…

It takes more than a little courage, and lot of dedication to be on the hippology team in Galesburg, Illinois. On this dark winter night with the windchill deep into the negative numbers the team is broken into two tables. Each is tackling equine questions.

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They’re learning horse basics and some not so basics, too. Everything from breeds and color, to disease, parasite, body parts, feed rations, and related industries says 4H volunteer leader Rebecca Curry.

Curry :20 …in high school or junior high in biology.
They learn about the care and feeding of horses. They also learn to recognize the different parts of the animal. It is especially good training for those kids interested in animal nutrition or biology, even mathematics. They are exposed to science similar to what they might learn in high school or junior high biology.
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